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SCUTI is the place where Gamers shop!

SCUTI is the first and only marketplace specially created for gamers. A place where you can find curated products and offers and earn game rewards with every purchase.

Every time you launch Scuti from your game lobby, you earn game rewards, and each time you shop, you earn even more.

Scuti gives you up to 5% back on every purchase, in Scuti$ Rewards.

Use these rewards to buy any in-game items or any physical products in the store. Better yet, you can use your earned Scuti$ across any game connected to Scuti.

With Scuti, you are buying the same products you were going to buy elsewhere. Sure, you can shop elsewhere, but why would you? It’s the same product which ships from the same vendor, at the same price…guaranteed.

No other marketplace rewards players like Scuti – rewarding your gameplay through shopping.

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is your Digital Passport

Scuti lets you earn rewards and carry them in your Scuti passport across the entire gaming world and metaverse. It’s so easy. Just look for the Scuti icon from any game lobby, then click to enter the store and start earning rewards! Or click here to set up your free Scuti account.

Created by Gamers and
Game Makers for Players

A small team of passionate gamers and game makers created Scuti so you can earn rewards for playing games!

Scuti doesn’t disrupt the gameplay experience; it improves it. We give gamers great discounts and deals on cool products, free earnable rewards, unlockable in-game credits, and a fun shopping experience.

How does
it Work?

Scuti™ lets you earn Scuti$ points inside the games you play.

  • Exchange Scuti$ for in-game credits or native game currency
  • Use Scuti$ to buy skins, downloadable content or any in-game virtual items
  • Use Scuti$ to shop for any physical items or digital gift cards in the Scuti marketplace

How do I
earn Scuti$?

Once you create an account, you can earn Scuti$ by:

  • Viewing the Scuti store directly from your game (once per day)
  • Earn Scuti$ everyday you visit Scuti
  • Watching movie and video game trailers
  • Completing in-game achievements
  • Plus you earn up to 5% back in Scuti$ for every single purchase you make from the Scuti store!
  • Redeem Scuti$ for any in-game items

Discover Great Products and Daily Offers from top Brands

Browse the Scuti store directly from inside your game and get access to:

  • Daily Deals
  • Cool new products
  • Coupons and promotional offers
  • Earn Scuti$ rewards every time you shop
  • Products are shipped direct from vendors

Why shop through Scuti?

There are tons of places to shop online, but Scuti is the ONLY store built for gamers!

Scuti gives you up to 5% back in free rewards back for every single purchase! And you can spend those free rewards in video games!

Support your favorite Game Developers

Brands want their products in games, so they are paying to fuel these amazing Scuti rewards for gamers!

But this doesn’t just help gamers – it helps game developers, too!

We’re supporting video game developers so they can create more content, better games, fix bugs and keep servers active longer for the games you love to play.

Scuti is an ecosystem where brands, games, and players can thrive – and the ultimate winners are the players!

Get Started

Download the Scuti app and create your Scuti account today!

About Scuti

Scuti™ is the world’s first universal rewards and gCommerce marketplace, built just for gamers. Scuti lets players shop great deals from each vendor, directly through their games and earn up to 5% back in Scuti$ with each purchase. Scuti$ can then be redeemed against future purchases, exchanged for in-game currency/gold/gems or used to purchase any digital items in your game.

Now the same brands and products you shop every day on other marketplaces, can be bought through the Scuti platform, where every purchase can lead to a better game experience.

Scuti was founded in 2019 by a team of video game industry veterans – each with over 20 years of game making experience. They come from Blizzard, Epic, Microsoft Games and Zynga and have launched some of the biggest games franchises.

Scuti‘s platform gamifies shopping through product curation and an extensive rewards system for players.

Through Scuti, players are rewarded with every purchase. It is completely unobtrusive to the game experience, and players never have to leave their game.

Through Scuti, players discover fully curated offerings from top brands and are rewarded with every engagement and purchase, completely unobtrusive to the game experience. Scuti’s rewards, or Scuti$, lets players earn rewards from game achievements (rewarded play), from every purchase they make, and every time they visit the store. Scuti$ can be redeemed for in-app purchases, physical products, converted to any game’s native currency or gifted from one player to the next.

Daily Deals

Every day Scuti offers our members special deals from our many brand partners. You never know what you’ll find. Free trial offers, coupons, special limited time offers, double rewards, and more.

Scuti will occasionally ask you to share some information about your shopping preferences, and this will enable us to work with vendors to bring you the best deals curated to your preferences.

Everything you buy on Scuti ships directly from the vendor. Every purchase you make is safe and guaranteed by our top-rated brand partners. These are the very same products you purchase from other sites but now you get rewards which can fuel your gameplay.

Each day we are offering you something new and special, curated by Scuti and only Scuti gives you up to 5% back in Scuti$ rewards every time you make a purchase.

Scuti Rewards

Scuti Rewards, or Scuti$, are your gateway to great product discoveries, savings and an enhanced game experience

As a Scuti Member, you can earn and accrue Scuti$ every day. Scuti$™ are a rewards system designed to be universal across all games and devices. You earn Scuti$ from any game you log into your Scuti account from.

You can redeem your Scuti$ and save money every time you check out. You can even exchange your Scuti$ for in-game credits and game currencies across any game connected to the Scuti marketplace.

Scuti also offers members “Double Rewards” during promotional periods. That’s up to 10% back in rewards for each purchase you make.

Remember, you can even exchange your Scuti$ for in-game credits and game currencies across any game connected to the Scuti marketplace. Why shop anywhere else?!

Every Order Ships Direct from Vendors

Every purchase you make is safe and guaranteed by the same top-rated brands as if you were buying direct from their websites.

Each vendor guarantees safe delivery of your items and Scuti honors their returns policy. So, you can rest assured that every order and transaction on Scuti is guaranteed to satisfy.


Scuti requires that every vendor provides our users price-parity. That means the vendor cannot offer the same goods for sale at a lower price anywhere else. This saves you having to shop around. Of course, there always times when retailers will run discount sales or other promotional pricing offers but we can’t control those and we ask they offer those same discounts to our members.

We put our best effort into bringing you the best items at the best possible prices.

Scuti is a ‘drop-ship’ platform, meaning your orders are transmitted directly to each vendor, and they ship directly to you. Our system will transmit your orders directly to each vendor, who will be responsible for shipping and fulfilling your order. Some vendors will offer ‘free’ shipping or require ‘minimum purchase order value’ thresholds.

Everything you buy on Scuti ships directly from our vendors. Every purchase you make is safe and guaranteed by the same top-rated brands as if you were buying directly from their websites.

Each vendor guarantees safe delivery of your items and Scuti honors their return policy. So, you can rest assured that every order and transaction on Scuti will be satisfactory.

Scuti hand-picks and invites select vendors to our platform. Vendors cannot simply just sign up and start selling. We review each vendor and assess whether their products meet our quality and interest. Each game maker also approves every brand we sell through their games.

Scuti then curates the best products which you want to see so you can discover favorite new items that fit your tastes through our platform.

You can redeem your Scuti$ and save money every time you check out from any game that is “Fueled by Scuti”. You can even exchange your Scuti$ for in-game credits and game currencies across any game connected to the Scuti marketplace. You are getting free rewards for purchasing the same from the same vendors on other sites…so why would you ever buy anywhere else?

The redemption process is seamless. When Scutis are redeemed or credited against the purchase of a physical item, you see how much you have saved and the final price you will pay for the item. You have control over how many Scuti$ you want to use to purchase each item.

Advertising can be a good thing, when it’s done respectfully. We believe that when it’s done right, and if it’s rewarding you for your time and done by choice, then everyone wins.

Game makers need to make money on the games they build for you and if we can help them in a way that benefits you, then that’s huge. Scuti believes that your time should be valued, and the brand-fueled rewards you will earn and accumulate will allow you to buy real world goods as well as in-game items.

The only data we collect is the information you share with us, such as your age, so we can deliver you the best product offers that are custom designed for your interests.

We don’t sell any of your data to third parties….ever. Scuti does not use cookies or ever track you.

We require your address and phone number once you place an order for shipping purposes, and of course we will need your credit card details.

If you want specific category offers (for example, offers from games peripherals companies), Scuti lets you filter the types of offers you receive.

Scuti follows the ‘return policy’ of every individual vendor. Each vendor is responsible for fulfilling its return obligations to you…so you know that every order you place is safe, secure and guaranteed.

Scuti is responsible for all communication with customers, including sending order status, tracking numbers and email updates. Each vendor provides Scuti with details, which are then passed on to customers, from Scuti.