SCUTI is the gamers’ marketplace.  SCUTI believes that the items you purchase every day should also bring greater enjoyment in the games you play.  We work with game publishers and leading brands to bring you the best prices, great deals and rewards, all directly from the games you love to play.

SCUTI does its best to curate products just for you. Each product comes with a guarantee from each vendor, that you are getting the best price. And with every purchase, you earn SCUTI rewards which you can use to buy items in your games. Every product ships direct to you from our brand partners.

Look for SCUTI in the lobby or menu of your favorite game. Can’t find it? Just download SCUTI from the app store.

You can earn Rewards just by visiting SCUTI every day. Just sign up for your SCUTI account and you can start earning today. Did you know that you can access your SCUTI from any game connected to SCUTI?

Every time your purchase something from the SCUTI marketplace, you can earn up to 5% in rewards. Some items ever offer Double Rewards!

You can redeem your SCUTI rewards whenever you checkout from the SCUTI store. If you don’t have enough SCUTI’s you can use a credit card to pay the difference. You can also use your rewards to make in-game purchases by redeeming them for in-game currency. For every 1,000 SCUTI reward points, you will get a credit of USD$1 on anything you buy from the store.  $1 = 1,000 SCUTI REWARDS

YES! Every vendor guarantees you PRICE PARITY, meaning the price they carry on SCUTI is the same or best direct price they offer. Best part is, that to sell on SCUTI, every vendor MUST provide you rewards.

Everything you buy on Scuti ships directly from our vendors.  Every purchase you make is safe and guaranteed by the same top-rated brands as if you were buying directly from their websites.

Each vendor guarantees safe delivery of your items and Scuti honors their return policy, and each vendor is responsible for fulfilling its return obligations to you. So, you can rest assured that every order and transaction on Scuti will be to your  satisfaction.

When you first set up a Scuti account and become a member, we will ask you for some information, which we will use to match you with the best fit curation of products. Scuti asks for your year of birth, email address, and your gender (if you care to share it).  We don’t use tracking cookies, we don’t invade your privacy and we only collect information you choose to share with us.  We hope that this information will make your experience with Scuti and the games you play a better one.

For each order you place, Scuti provides vendors with the order details, along with the shipping address, contact name and contact phone number.  Scuti also reports to game makers and brands, through a dashboard, real-time data on sales, aggregated player engagement and geographic and demographic data – but never personal information beyond what they need to fulfill your orders.