SCUTI continues to find ways to engage players, highlight the best brands that gamers want, and offer publishers like Matchingham Games new revenue streams through their game lobby.

Exciting news! SCUTI welcomes Volt Games to our extensive network of gaming partners. Volt Games specializes in building premium mobile games, and is now developing MetaStar Strikers, the world’s first Score & Own game, where players need to score goals and beat opponents.

SCUTI is thrilled to announce that Kepithor Studios and their game, Kingdom Karnage, is coming to the SCUTI network. Kingdom Karnage is a free-to-play, turn-based strategy game for PC and Mobile.

SCUTI is thrilled to welcome YSO Corp to the SCUTI network of games and announce that SCUTI will soon be accessible through their massive hit, Super Thief Auto.

There’s a very good reason why more and more game makers are joining the SCUTI network every week, and why top brands are committing millions of dollars to SCUTI and our partner’s titles.

67 BITS saw the enormous benefit of SCUTI to their games, and they are all-in with 22 games committed to the SCUTI network. In the ever-evolving world of gaming, one thing remains constant: the pursuit of excellence in your player experience. SCUTI and 67 BITS get that.

By always putting the player experience first we are providing smart game makers like ZiMAD the ability to engage better, retain longer and monetize optimally.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And this is going to be GREAT! @SCUTI and Xsolla = an unbeatable solution for game makers.

Together, we will be providing millions of players and video game enthusiasts with SCUTI rewards needed to level-up their game experiences while providing hot deals on products gamers can’t live without, from the SCUTI marketplace. 

During the panel “Crossing the divide: Bridging sports fans to games,” at GamesBeat Next 2023, Nicholas Longano, CEO of Scuti asked his panel guests, “Why sports? Why games? Why now?”

SCUTI, the leading rewarded commerce platform for games assembled a panel of minds to discuss how platforms like SCUTI are helping bridge the divide between sports and games, attracting new audiences to the video gaming industry. 

SCUTI rewards and Trophi Play-Tokens will now be available for players to redeem on both the SCUTI marketplace and the Trophi platform interchangeably.

SCUTI to leverage Consumable’s audio technology to bring audio ads to its gCommerce platform

Partnership allows gamers to purchase physical products through SCUTI and use their rewards to purchase Blockchain-tied digital items through GoNFTY’s metaverse platform

Partnership allows gamers across top gaming titles to purchase physical products through SCUTI and fuel their entire game experience through Lootably’s exchange.

Game makers in the Scuti network will receive next day payments on their app store and advertising receivables, through Lenderwize.

Incubator gives players access to NBA Reclaimed court piecesand rewards Gamers on Scuti’s Coveted Marketplace.

SCUTI’s AI system uses advanced algorithms to analyze player data and provide personalized product recommendations.

SCUTI is the ONLY Retail Media Network of its kind…with the only full funnel solution for brands through games.

Together, SCUTI and Rally Cry will empower leagues to sell their merchandise direct to players and audiences across the gaming world, while providing streamers with a new revenue stream through gCommerce.

We’ve got users in every country and we’re spreading like wildfire. So jump on the SCUTI bandwagon, download the app today, and see why SCUTI is where gamers shop!

SCUTI is now officially available in Ignicion Games’ mobile hits Truck Driver, Animal Fury Destination, and Kato Revenge. You can login to SCUTI direct from their game lobby and get your daily SCUTI login bonus while playing…

We were in attendance at Summer Game Fest and our own Ray Carsillo chose hit top three games from the showcases this past week.